Positive Finance is sponsored by Unusual Risks Mortgages and Insurance.

Positive Finance is the UK’s leading HIV and Hepatitis Finance Magazine with articles, features and news blogs about Life Assurance and Mortgages.


Unusual Risks – Links & Websites 

The UK’s Leading Niche Mortgage & Insurance Provider – They have several main areas of business which are detailed in the web links below. 

HIV Insurance, HIV Mortgages, Hepatitis Mortgage, Hepatitis Insurance 

The  UK’s leading experts at arranging Mortgages and Life Insurance for clients with HIV and Hepatitis. They also have many clients with a number of other types of pre-existing medical conditions.


Cryonics Insurance 

Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading providers of Life Insurance and Life Assurance for the Cryonics community. They are the approved UK agent for both The Cryonics Institute and Alcor Life Extension Foundation.


Expatriate Life Assurance

Unusual Risks are one of UK’s leading providers of Life Insurance for the British Expat community. They are able to arrange Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover for British (UK) Expatriates living abroad.


Unusual Risks –  Friends & Partners

NAM Aidsmap – Unusual Risks nominated HIV Charity Partner

NAM works to change lives by sharing information about HIV and AIDS.

They believe that, wherever you are in the world, having independent, clear and accurate information is vital in the fight against HIV and AIDS. It enables individuals and communities affected by HIV to protect themselves, care for others, advocate for better services and challenge stigma and discrimination.

They produce useful information that you can trust, and make sure it is there for anyone who needs it.


Baseline Magazine – Unusual Risks HIV & Hepatitis Media Partner

BASELINE is a community magazine for people living with or affected by HIV & Hepatitis.

They have regular positive writers who contribute their own personal experiences, topical news from UK to global. There are pages of treatment information covering current and future medications, lifestyle, diet and psychological support. They aim to give essential information and support to everyone affected by HIV in the UK.


Hepatitis C Trust – Unusual Risks nominated Hepatitis Charity Partner

The Hepatitis C Trust is the National UK Charity for Hepatitis C. It was founded and is now led and run by people with personal experience of Hepatitis C and almost all of the Board, staff and volunteers either have Hepatitis C or have had it and cleared it after treatment.


Cryonics UK  – Unusual Risks Cryonics Charity Partner in the UK

CRYONICS UK is a non-profit organisation set in place to provide assistance as necessary to those within the UK who wish for their body to be cryopreserved upon “death”. They are part of the Charity – The Human Organ Preservation Trust.


Unusual Risks – Useful HIV Web Links 

Terence Higgins Trust – The UK’s leading HIV Charity 

Their mission is to maximise sexual health in the UK, and minimise the spread of HIV and STIs, by encouraging people to value their sexual health and by leading innovation to increase access to local sexual health services.

Empower everyone living with HIV in the UK to maximise their health and wellbeing by working to ensure the best possible HIV treatment and support service.

Lead public and political support for HIV and sexual health issues, and campaign to eradicate stigma and discrimination


George House Trust – The leading HIV Charity in the North of England

GHT have a very clear vision – for all people living with HIV in the North West to live happy and healthy lives and be free from stigma and discrimination. Our vision is for all people to know their HIV status and to be HIV aware.


Unusual Risks – Useful Cryonics Web Links 

The Cryonics Institute – Unusual Risks are CI’s approved Insurance agent in the UK

The Cryonics Institute is a non-profit organization made up of members who are interested in the potential of cryonics and the option to pursue cryonics’ “Prospect of Immortality” for themselves and their families.


Alcor Life Extension Foundation -Unusual Risks are Alcor’s approved Insurance agent in the UK

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is a world leader in cryonics, cryonics research, and cryonics technology. Cryonics is the science of using ultra-cold temperature to preserve human life with the intent of restoring good health when technology becomes available to do so.