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HIV & Medical Conditions

“Things Have Changed – Part Four” … Commentary by Chris Morgan

Where Can I find the best Life Insurance Cover if I’m Living With HIV?

One of the key parts of my job is to research and appraise the market on a regular basis and for the last 13 years, since life insurance products were introduced for people living with HIV, I’ve been working to get the very best premiums and terms for my clients – consulting daily with insurers and helping them to improve their products.

I’m aware that there is currently an 86% chance of someone living with HIV meeting a product provider that is not currently offering the fairest terms for their situation. Since the pandemic many of the major Life Insurance companies and High Street Banks are charging between double and three times the fairest Life Insurance premiums for people living with HIV since the pandemic.

Unusual Risks are always aware of where the best premiums and terms that are currently being offered and have products providers that are not available to you directly or through banks. Unusual Risks are also specialists at successfully finding Life Insurance cover for people who have been declined elsewhere.

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Chris Morgan is a fully qualified Financial Adviser and has been writing on HIV Insurance and HIV Finance issues for over 20 years. His column has previously been resident for publications such as Baseline Magazinand Pink Paper.

For more information about HIV & Hepatitis Insurance and Finance matters he may be contacted at Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services by phone 0845 474 3075.  Email: Web: 

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