The Return of Positive Finance Edition 4 – HIV Life Insurance, Life Assurance, Income Protection, Critical Illness Cover …

“Specialist Knowledge” By Chris Morgan 

Ever since I became an Independent Financial Adviser in 1999, I’ve tried to use my specialist knowledge of the LGBT and HIV Communities to benefit those that may feel excluded by the Insurance Industry from protecting their basic financial needs. 

My first campaign was related to the treatment of gay men by the Life Insurance companies (mainly due to HIV risk), which was resolved in 2005, with the removal of discriminatory questions on Life Insurance applications. (The Gay Question).

Immediately following this then came my campaign to secure Life Insurance for people living with HIV, which then resulted in the introduction of products in 2009. Ten years on from this people with HIV are still excluded from Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover … 

In my opinion (“A decade is long enough”!)

You can read my career Biography here …

Life Insurance & Life Assurance case Example, Adanna, Aged 35, Community Support Worker …

Recently I met an existing client that wanted to renew their Life Insurance policy that they started with my advice eight years ago. During the meeting they also asked me if I was now able to arrange some Income Protection in case they were sick from work?

Adanna asked …

“Since my diagnosis I’ve often wondered what would happen if I was unable to work due sickness or an accident? I have my mortgage covered for Life Insurance, but have since not been able to take any cover for my income in case of sickness or accident.”

It is true that we are unable to provide Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for Adanna at this moment because there is not any suitable products currently available for people living with HIV. However, we were able to renew her Life Insurance policy for a longer term and an increased the level of cover for the full amount of her mortgage.

Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover Campaign – (“A Decade Is Long Enough”!)

We are talking to various product providers and leading industry figures on this issue and will keep you informed of developments through my Positive Finance column. I’m fully aware that it took over a decade to encourage Insurers to introduce HIV Life Insurance and HIV Life Assurance, so “IPP & CIC” is not going to be an easy task.

Over the coming weeks, I will be re-visiting our past research in this area and invite you all to participate in the campaign to secure Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for people living with HIV. We are determined that these products should be fully inclusive products, without exclusions within their terms and conditions. (“A decade is long enough”!)

Other Medical Conditions

Throughout my career I’ve assisted many other people with medical conditions that are not directly HIV related, many of these Health Conditions I would consider to be “Private Medical” conditions. You will find a list of medical conditions that we can advise here

Chris Morgan was a consultant to the Association of British Insurers medical underwriting committee for over 15 years in relation to HIV and other private medical conditions. He has been advising clients in regards to their protection needs for over 30 years and is the UK’s Leading “HIV and Medical” financial adviser.

His Career Biography can be viewed here  If you need any information about “Inclusive Insurance” for any medical condition or are a medical professional with a patient or client that needs advice, then you can call us on 0845 474 3075 or email us at or at our website

Unusual Risks our sponsors are specialists at finding inclusive Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection for people with complex medical situations. As the UK’s Leading Specialist “HIV and Medical” Financial Advisers, we understand the importance of Confidentiality, Discretion and Privacy in regards to medical information.

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