HIV Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection Guide – “Better Than Best Advice”

Our partners Unusual Risks the Medical Financial Advisers and their lead financial adviser Chris Morgan having been serving the HIV Community for over 20 years. During this time Chris was the person that campaigned and secured Life Insurance products for people living with HIV …..

Better Than Best Advice

“Better than best advice” is where there is a financial services product available to a client, but just because it is available, it does not mean it should be offered – especially if the terms and conditions are not favorable to the applicant and the only reason for the recommendation is financial gain by the financial adviser.

It has come to their attention that a certain mainstream financial adviser is advertising and offering Income Protection to people living with HIV, even though the product offered has specific exclusions for chronic medical conditions with symptoms during the last 12 months. (HIV is specifically excluded for payment of benefits within the policy).

Beware of Unsuitable Products

They are absolutely shocked that this adviser is offering a product that is completely unsuitable for people living with HIV, as it automatically excludes people living with HIV. They are also disgusted that they make reference to HIV Positive people as “Sufferers” on their website and have little experience of advising people living with HIV.

Unusual Risks continue to offer “Inclusive” Life Insurance to the HIV Community and are also continuing to campaign for the introduction of Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover. They are about to enter discussions once again with leading Insurance Industry figures over these issues and will continue to post updates throughout 2020.

No financial adviser in the UK has more knowledge of HIV Life Assurance, Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover matters than Chris Morgan their lead financial adviser. Unusual Risks are the UK’s most experienced financial advisers looking after people living with HIV.

You can view Chris Morgan’s Full Career Biography here …

Our sponsors Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers offering advice to clients living with HIV or Hepatitis on HIV Life Assurance, HIV Life Insurance, HIV Mortgages, Hepatitis C Life Assurance, Hepatitis C Life Insurance, Hepatitis C Mortgages.

They are also the UK’s leading experts at planning Life Assurance and Mortgages for HIV Positive Families and are able to assist HIV Positive people looking for advice on their Pensions and Investments. *Please note Income Protection and Critical Illness is not currently available to people living with HIV.

For more information about these services please contact Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services by phone 0845 474 3075. Email or visit us online at

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