Monthly Archives: April 2013

Depression and Insurance …

Although our friends Unusual Risks are best known for their industry changing work around HIV Life Assurance and HIV Life Insurance, they also provide many other valuable insurance services for people living with a wide range pre-existing medical conditions such as depression. Chris Morgan … Lead Financial Adviser Says … “Unusual Risks are specialists at finding insurance cover for people living with […]

Hepatitis C and Finance … Mortgages and Life Insurance

“90% of Hepatitis C sufferers have not tried to get financial products due to their diagnosis!” … Unusual Risks the medical financial advisers have today published the results of their latest research into the financial needs of people living with Hepatitis C. In their recent survey they established that 90% of Hep C people have […]

National Press For HIV Life Assurance and HIV Life Insurance …

Here’s the latest press coverage for HIV Life Assurance and HIV Life Insurance in Money Marketing Newspaper … “Unusual Risks marketing manager Chris Morgan has urged people diagnosed as HIV+ to check the terms and conditions of their protection contracts before cancelling them as they may still be covered”. “Morgan’s warning comes after research carried […]