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Positive Progress by Chris Morgan

During the last ten years I’ve lost count of the amount of phone calls that I’ve received from HIV Positive people asking for Life Assurance to cover their mortgage or provide protection for their loved ones.

Positive Insurance – By Chris Morgan

There’s great confusion over the types of Insurance that HIV Positive people can obtain. Here’s the Positive Finance guide to personal insurances. Home and Car Insurance have not been included, as these are not related to your health status and can be obtained without medical underwriting.

Insuring Positive People – By Chris Morgan

This ‘Classic’ article from Positive Finance was first published in 2004 and it sums up how life used to be for those HIV Positive people seeking Life Assurance. It’s interesting to read, because it sums up just how far we have come.

Getting A Mortgage If HIV Positive – By Chris Morgan

Many HIV positive people avoid applying for a mortgage, due to fear that they will be declined. The fear of personal questions about their health, and the worry of being declined, means that many avoid buying a home.